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About Proffesio

Proffesio Training & Recruitment Services performed a pivotal function within the subject of training and it become his dream to establish an organization which might mark itself as a pioneer in this area, by way of contributing in the vicinity of realistic training and education. It become his vision to establish a full-fledged properly-equipped schooling institute to broaden the younger minds of the destiny generations to face the demanding situations of the enterprise.

Proffesio is the conclusion of that long-nurtured dream, which was set up with a sturdy promise of presenting pleasant schooling and schooling of young vivid-eyed aspirants for government jobs. The intention became to strike a balance among the academic orientation of the mainstream training machine and the desires of industry and governance, which has been perfected over the years. Established in 2016. These days, Proffesio has than 70,000 students have made their career in authorities jobs after completing their schooling correctly.

It the final 3 many years over 70,000 Proffesio applicants have determined achievement in diverse Central and State government departments throughout India. Proffesio has created records and it acts as a model inside the field of competitive examinations no longer handiest in West Bengal but at some stage in India. 


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